9.3 mile run

The Bucks County Road Runners are hosting the “Terrible Tyler” this Sunday 1/29/12. Start time 9:30 am at Tyler State Park. This race is part of their winter series.

I’m not exactly ready for 9.3 miles. I’ve been on maintainence mode since the marathon, plus I enjoyed myself over the holidays. I don’t particulary like running the cold, but it’s a necessary evil since I dislike the treadmill more than the cold. I used to go into hibernation in the winter much like many others. The gym was still very much a part of my life, but cardio was not a priority. This year it’s one of my goals to continue running through the winter either way. I’ve also incorporated swimming into my routine year-round instead of just during Triathlon training. Swimming is an excellent workout but more on that later…

Luckily I’ve managed to coerce a few others with me on Sunday so we can all be one step ahead of everyone that will still be in bed. You’re always faster than your couch! It’s not supposed to rain or snow so that’s a plus. I can’t wait until spring…

Happy Training!


One response

  1. I’m hoping to someday get to the point where I can run 9.3 miles again. I haven’t ran in over 20 years and want to get back into it but know I need to start slow. Would you recommed getting a pedimeter or just walk/run for a period of time and not worry about how many miles?

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