One month to go!

It’s just under one month until Daylight Savings Time. Do you know what that means? Spring is almost here and the unofficial running season begins!

Of course running doesn’t have an official season. Plenty of us are consistently and diligently on our treadmills at home or at the gym all winter long, or just when we get the urge to move off of the couch. I personally despise the treadmill. Yes, I’m a runner who hates the treadmill and will do anything to avoid it. If I’m forced to get my cardio workout indoors you will find me on the elliptical, maybe the bike, definitely in the pool, but very rarely on the treadmill. I will run outside, albeit lower mileage, as long as it’s not so cold that it hurts to breathe…and even then sometimes I will brave it if it’s not windy.

So, this is why I personally get excited for Daylight Savings Time. There’s more light at the end of my workday that I can actually get some decent running in during the week. And with the daylight comes the warmth, or at least the progression toward warmth. I don’t have to cram my cardio in at the gym and hope that there’s a good movie playing in the cardio room :-). I’m not a morning person so the sunrise run is not for me. If you are one of those people who can manage to perform at those ungodly hours than I tip my hat to you!

The message that I want to convey is that it’s OK if you’re one of the many people who aren’t as motivated to exercise during the cold winter months. Most of us are in that same boat. However, with just a few weeks until the lighter and warmer weather, you may want to start thinking of what you want to do come early to mid March.

Things to consider and prepare yourself:
1 – Look at your sneakers and see if you need a new ones (if your soles look worn it’s time for a new pair)
2 – Spend some time at the gym or at home strengthening your leg and core muscles
3 – Check out your gear and make sure you have comfortable clothing to run in
4 – Determine a location for your first few runs (local track, neighborhood, park trails)

Having a plan and going through a few steps to prepare for your running will help you get motivated, increase your committment to your workouts, and reduce your risk of throwing in the towel after your first time out there.

Happy Training!


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