Broad Street – Here I come!

I’m very excited. This morning after about an hour of trying the website and having it hang every time I hit the next button I finally received my confirmation that I was officially registered for The Broad Street Run. Yay!

I’m more excited because the rest of my running plans and goals for 2012 can be finalized. I try to schedule one race per month. This keeps me motivated and engaged in my training. I’ve started with a winter run this year already – the 9.3 miler aptly named the “Terrible Tyler” after the hills at Tyler State Park. One of them is actually named “The Widow Maker”. It’s a bad hill. The remainder of my races will mostly be monthly 5K’s starting in March, with the Broad Street 10 Miler in May, the NJ State Triathlon in July, and the Philadelphia Marathon in November. I’ll probably through in a Mud Run for fun because I’ve never run one and I like to try one new race per year to keep it interesting. There is also an 18 mile run in LBI in October that’s nice.

So, over the next several weeks and months I will be writing about training in addition to nutritional tips & tricks. You don’t have to be entered in an official race to consider yourself in training. Training can be just you wanting to fulfill your goal of being healthier, losing weight, or relieving stress (or all 3!)

For now, the countdown is on for me and about 30,000 other runners who managed to register for Broad Street in a record time of 5 hours. I’m thinking it can’t be harder than a marathon…


Do you have something to share? Let me know what you think!

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