Flaxseeds – Heart healthy meets brain booster

This powerful little seed is a versatile addition to your diet. Flaxseeds contain a compound that our bodies can turn into Omega-3 fatty acids (the ‘good fat’). It’s fat that we need for a healthy heart and optimal brain function! They contain fiber so they support regular digestive function. There have also been studies that support consuming flaxseeds reduce our cholesterol. What more do you need to give these guys a try?

They are tiny little seeds that resemble sesame seeds, but they’re a little darker brown. They have a very mild nutty flavor and they’re fairly simple use in every day meals. You can get the actual seeds or the milled variety. The seeds last a little longer though.

I put about a teaspoon in my oatmeal or cereal every morning. I’ve also added them to stir-fries, soup, and even ground meat! You can buy flaxseed bread as well – I know Trader Joe’s carries it and it’s a nice change from whole wheat.


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