In Search of Shoes (part 2)

OK I know it’s been a little while since my last post…but the weather has been gorgeous and I’ve been in training for the Broad Street run in a few weeks!

The last time we talked about running shoes and the proper fit for different types of feet, etc.

The next thing to consider besides proper fit is the type of exercise you plan on doing. There are different shoes for different activities and you should purchase the shoe that matches your activity. For instance, there are shoes for running, walking, cross training, hiking and toning and they all are designed to accomplish very different things. And if you purchase shoes any place besides a running store, they are usually side by side and may or may not be displayed in the same location on the shelf (example – cross trainers mixed in with running shoes).

Walking shoes are usually a slightly heavier with minimal support – this is because you don’t have the same pounding type action on the surface as you would with running. You can get through an entire season with the same pair of walking shoes.

Cross Training shoes are the most versatile if you like to do a variety of activities. They offer more support than a walking shoe and are comfortable for most activities. Also good if you don’t want to buy shoes for multiple activities. Just be careful when making a purchase because they most resemble running shoes but they are not. Cross Trainers shouldn’t be used if you plan on putting in some miles because they don’t have the same level of support and flexibility as a running shoe.

Toning shoes are the funny looking ones with the really thick & curvy sole. They force you to walk a little differently therefore using your leg muscles differently. There are claims that they boost your fitness level & make your butt look better when compared to regular athletic shoes but there just as many claims that say otherwise. Basically, they are not for running but you can use them for walking. If you want to attempt to get your gams in great shape you can give these a try but they are not a substitute for regular exercise πŸ™‚

Those of us committed to exercising regularly tend to go through shoes faster the trendy clothing of the season – guys are included in this!


Do you have something to share? Let me know what you think!

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