Race Review – Philadelphia Earth Day 5K 2012

The 31st annual Philadelphia 5K Run for Clean Air (Saturday April 21st) – Directed by the Clean Air Council.

Overall I would give this race 4 stars out of 5.

The race was for a great cause and scheduled very timely – Earth Day weekend. One of the things I love about this race was that they stayed true to their theme with all things related to race day. It was considered a ‘green race’ which I had to look up to understand what it meant. In order to be certified you have to take a Pledge of Sustainability and fulfill certain criteria like not taking more than 5% paper registrations and listing ways to reduce your race day carbon footprint.

The sponsors of the race were companies committed to green initiatives such as PECO, SEPTA, KIND Healthy Snacks, and many others. But the parts that I think were more noticeable were the swag bags that we got for being registered. They were made from recycled material and in it was your bib # (race #)…which you can plant because it was made from recycled materials and infused with seed. So I will have a nice little 7×6 inch patch of wildflowers in my yard in a few weeks. I wonder if they’ll grow in the shape of my bib number?

The race itself was along the scenic Martin Luther King Drive that offered views of Boathouse Row and the Philadelphia Art Museum. We went 1.5 miles out on a nice, flat open road and then back again…heading back in hurt a little more as it was pretty hot for 9:00 in the morning and the sun was already blazing. Of course the drinking cups used during and after the run were made from recycled plastic. The only part that I thought could have been a little better organized was the start of the race. We were crammed in a funny weird area when the race kicked off and I’m more used to starting on an open road. I also think the post-race refreshments, while plentiful, could have been easier to access. I had to go around guys with carts full of pretzels for sale practically on top of the finish line to get to the line for water. But that’s just Philly 🙂 There were also some kids activities and it was very family oriented. I believe they had around 1 thousand runners overall, including those that participated in the 3K walk.

Great race to run and a nice warm up for Broad Street in 2 weeks! I will do this one again!

Additional info – http://www.5krunforcleanair.org/green-run-certification


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