Twas the night before Broad Street

My quick checklist before I hit the sack early… I’m all set for tomorrow. I think.

– I have my breakfast prepped and ready to go – cereal and my usual coffee (only 1 cup though)
– My clothing and gear are laid out and ready to go
– My watch & iPod are fully charged and in my race bag
– My race pad is packed & I have extra pins
– My bib # is pinned on my shirt
– I’ve eaten my carbs over the last 2 days & am properly hydrated
– My GU (pure sugar in little pouches for energy) is in my racebelt which I plan to have around mile 7
– I have extra water and a banana in case I need something in my stomach before or after the race

I think that’s everything! It’s funny how preparing for a large race has all these things you have to consider on top of your training. While every race takes proper preparing and planning, anything over 5 miles can add an extra set of complexities to it. You need some fuel during your run because you will deplete your body’s stores as you progress through each mile. Ideally the race director will have strategically placed water stations for you so you don’t have to worry about it on your own. Hence the GU referenced above. There are other things you can use – some runners use jelly beans, some use gummies. These are the kind of candy you find in the supermarket but ones geared toward giving you a quick boost during exercise. For even longer runs I’ll sometimes pack an Advil in my belt 🙂

The Broad Street 10 Miler should be interesting tomorrow. I’m excited since I haven’t been a part of this particular race yet. Now I just hope it doesn’t raid…there’s not much you can do to prepare for that!


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