It’s OK to splurge…sometimes

I’ve just ended my recovery week from the Philadelphia Broad Street run and I consider myself officially in Triathlon training mode now. I’ll gradually increase the bike & swim workouts over the next few weeks to bring them up to par with my running. As much as I love running I really enjoy training for a Triathlon because it adds variety to my workout routines. More on that later…

So, given that I’m over the 10 miler and in between training modes at this moment, I gave myself permission to splurge on dinner tonight – Chick-Fil-A – dinner of champions. Yum!

I know it sounds silly but I have a point to prove. When you allow yourself the temporary splurges you’re signaling to your brain & your body that it’s OK to have a treat once in a while. It’s not forbidden and in the words of the more modern Cookie Monster “It’s a sometimes food”. If you take the time to enjoy your ‘treat’ and savor it, it’s all the more satisfying and may minimize the need to have it more frequently. Many times the problem we have with our treats is quantity. We want it too often or maybe we have too much of it. Some of us repent by over doing at the gym and others will skip the workout all together because they don’t feel good after the binge.

The mind-set that I strive for is that the treat is my reward for a job well done. It’s not the other way around so that I feel I have to pay my penance at the gym for what I’ve put in my body. A change in paradigm my be all you need to keep the junk food habit in check. I am happy that I don’t refuse myself what I’m craving and eat what I want to, in moderation of course, but I save it for when I feel I’ve earned it most.

What do you treat yourself with?


3 responses

  1. I’m glad you are saying this. I’ve been trying to be “good” and not eat anything sweet or bad for you. My guilty pleasure is ice cream sundae every so often with hot caramel and hot fudge… yum!!

  2. I agree 100% I’ve been on Weigh Watchers for the past 2 yrs and have been very successful (down 118 lbs). One of the strategies that has helped me is that I eat what I crave and don’t deprive myself. Let’s face it..when I want something crunchy, salty and greasy, an apple just ain’t gonna cut it! So I spend a few “points” on some potato chips and move on. If I don’t, I will continue to eat everything under the sun until I’m satisfied. I’ve learned exactly what you’ve said…moderation.

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