About Me

I’m currently a busy full-time working mom who loves to run, tries to stay in shape, and eat & live healthy while trying to balance everything in else in life…oh and find time to stop and smell the roses.

I’m usually running in local races and I’ve gone as little as a mile to a maximum of 26.2 this past year.  I’ve managed to drag a few other crazies with me 🙂 you know who you are.  I formed a running club at work – The Wicked Blisters – and we find time to run during the week.

We eat organic when we can, although sometimes it can get a little expensive, so I try to make sure our food is as all-natural as possible.  My family has always eaten healthy so I think it was ingrained in me at a young age.

I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from West Chester University, am a former Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer and Strength Coach.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the body & mind, how it works, and what role nutrition and exercise play in our lives.  My experience has given me the opportunity to work with many different types of people from young athletes to collegiate athletes, recent mothers, patients with recent surgery, and those just wanting to become more active. I’m certainly not an expert but forever the student. I’ve gathered bits and pieces of knowledge from various places and hopefully you can find something that motivates you to be a healthier person.  My favorite author, Jim Rohn, had a saying – “I’ll take care of me for you, if you take care of you for me”.  If you take care of yourself, then you can better take care of those you care for.  I take care of me for my son.

Stay tuned for training tips, healthy & easy recipes, work out ideas, etc!

Happy Training!


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