Race Review – Sesame Classic

The Sesame Classic was held this past Sunday in Levittown, Pa. You had your choice of a 5K run or 1 mile walk and it was a typical Sunday morning local 5K with good water stations and post race munchies. The on site registration was very unorganized but a pre-registered person didn’t seem to have any wait time. Since I was not pre-registered, I had to wait and there was no T-Shirt for me 🙂 It was definitely a family event with a DJ, a visit from Elmo & Cookie Monster, and a kids race that rewarded future track stars with medals upon completion of a about a 25 meter dash. The local fire departments were there with the trucks kicking off the race with their sirens.

The 5K course was laid out to loop around the high school grounds. This was a move from previous years in which you started and finished at Sesame Place. It was fast and mostly flat…one small incline that you had to do twice. Everything was laid out nicely and the roads blocked off where appropriate. It was good enough that I got a PR (Personal Record) as did my running companion…albeit they were PR’s for our more recent running resumes as opposed to our younger days.

On of the nice things about this race is that it’s mainly sponsored by Sesame Place in Langhorne and your bib number gains you one free admission to the part. Only downside of that is that it needs to be used by the end of May, which only really gives you Memorial Day weekend to make it over there.

Overall I give it 3 out of 5 stars – good local race that’s fun for the family but I would strongly advise pre-registering


Preparing for Broad Street 2012

The Blue Cross Broad Street Run of 2012 is this Sunday in Philadelphia and I am a first-timer for this 10 mile run from one end of the city to the other. While I’m excited and I feel mostly prepared for this race I think I might be taking it lighter than I should be. I’m thinking that if I can conquer a full marathon I should be OK, right?

Actually they are very different races and I’m not going to compare them with each other. I think what makes this one interesting is that it’s not your weekend warrior 5K but it’s not a half marathon either so you have to apply a different strategy. Mine is to finish!

In all seriousness, I have trained for this race. I’ve put in my intended mileage, my speed workouts at the track after the kid’s practice, and my strength training at the gym. I’ve run this distance before, although never in a race. I know that an area I need to work on is my flexibility and that is an ongoing challenge for me. Note to self – stretch after posting. Another task that I need to get better at is drinking enough water.

What I’m really worried about is the weather. There have been close to record-breaking temperatures the last two years that I’m aware of. I don’t mind running in the heat but it’s the humidity that gets me. And it’s not something you can really train for. You can acclimatize yourself if the weather is consistent, but early May is anything but consistent.

So, I will run this fast and flat course as best I can on Sunday morning. I will finish. I will PR (Personal Record) because that’s what you can say when you do a race for the first time :-). I will add another awesome race to my running resume. I will also update my playlist so that I can strategically place songs when I know I’ll hit the wall.

How about you? Are you running Broad Street on Sunday? http://www.broadstreetrun.com/
Happy Training!

Race Review – Philadelphia Earth Day 5K 2012

The 31st annual Philadelphia 5K Run for Clean Air (Saturday April 21st) – Directed by the Clean Air Council.

Overall I would give this race 4 stars out of 5.

The race was for a great cause and scheduled very timely – Earth Day weekend. One of the things I love about this race was that they stayed true to their theme with all things related to race day. It was considered a ‘green race’ which I had to look up to understand what it meant. In order to be certified you have to take a Pledge of Sustainability and fulfill certain criteria like not taking more than 5% paper registrations and listing ways to reduce your race day carbon footprint.

The sponsors of the race were companies committed to green initiatives such as PECO, SEPTA, KIND Healthy Snacks, and many others. But the parts that I think were more noticeable were the swag bags that we got for being registered. They were made from recycled material and in it was your bib # (race #)…which you can plant because it was made from recycled materials and infused with seed. So I will have a nice little 7×6 inch patch of wildflowers in my yard in a few weeks. I wonder if they’ll grow in the shape of my bib number?

The race itself was along the scenic Martin Luther King Drive that offered views of Boathouse Row and the Philadelphia Art Museum. We went 1.5 miles out on a nice, flat open road and then back again…heading back in hurt a little more as it was pretty hot for 9:00 in the morning and the sun was already blazing. Of course the drinking cups used during and after the run were made from recycled plastic. The only part that I thought could have been a little better organized was the start of the race. We were crammed in a funny weird area when the race kicked off and I’m more used to starting on an open road. I also think the post-race refreshments, while plentiful, could have been easier to access. I had to go around guys with carts full of pretzels for sale practically on top of the finish line to get to the line for water. But that’s just Philly 🙂 There were also some kids activities and it was very family oriented. I believe they had around 1 thousand runners overall, including those that participated in the 3K walk.

Great race to run and a nice warm up for Broad Street in 2 weeks! I will do this one again!

Additional info – http://www.5krunforcleanair.org/green-run-certification

9.3 mile run

The Bucks County Road Runners are hosting the “Terrible Tyler” this Sunday 1/29/12. Start time 9:30 am at Tyler State Park. This race is part of their winter series.

I’m not exactly ready for 9.3 miles. I’ve been on maintainence mode since the marathon, plus I enjoyed myself over the holidays. I don’t particulary like running the cold, but it’s a necessary evil since I dislike the treadmill more than the cold. I used to go into hibernation in the winter much like many others. The gym was still very much a part of my life, but cardio was not a priority. This year it’s one of my goals to continue running through the winter either way. I’ve also incorporated swimming into my routine year-round instead of just during Triathlon training. Swimming is an excellent workout but more on that later…

Luckily I’ve managed to coerce a few others with me on Sunday so we can all be one step ahead of everyone that will still be in bed. You’re always faster than your couch! It’s not supposed to rain or snow so that’s a plus. I can’t wait until spring…

Happy Training!