Race Review – Sesame Classic

The Sesame Classic was held this past Sunday in Levittown, Pa. You had your choice of a 5K run or 1 mile walk and it was a typical Sunday morning local 5K with good water stations and post race munchies. The on site registration was very unorganized but a pre-registered person didn’t seem to have any wait time. Since I was not pre-registered, I had to wait and there was no T-Shirt for me 🙂 It was definitely a family event with a DJ, a visit from Elmo & Cookie Monster, and a kids race that rewarded future track stars with medals upon completion of a about a 25 meter dash. The local fire departments were there with the trucks kicking off the race with their sirens.

The 5K course was laid out to loop around the high school grounds. This was a move from previous years in which you started and finished at Sesame Place. It was fast and mostly flat…one small incline that you had to do twice. Everything was laid out nicely and the roads blocked off where appropriate. It was good enough that I got a PR (Personal Record) as did my running companion…albeit they were PR’s for our more recent running resumes as opposed to our younger days.

On of the nice things about this race is that it’s mainly sponsored by Sesame Place in Langhorne and your bib number gains you one free admission to the part. Only downside of that is that it needs to be used by the end of May, which only really gives you Memorial Day weekend to make it over there.

Overall I give it 3 out of 5 stars – good local race that’s fun for the family but I would strongly advise pre-registering


Beginner 5K Prep

If one of your goals this year is to run a 5K then now is the time to start preparing yourself. While you can find 5K races throughout the year, many of them are held in April & May before the summer vacations start and are usually held for a local charity or fund-raiser. I enjoy participating in the local races because it’s much less about competition and more about being a part of the event.

For beginners it’s the best place to start. You set a goal for yourself of running the race and finishing it which gives you the motivation to train for it and the committment to keep at it because you’ve already signed up. And for beginners who take that leap toward their first race, the satisfaction of crossing the finish line is exhilarating! It can be addicting – “runner’s high” is a real thing.

So, how do you get started? You just need to start…

This weekend is the perfect time to start your training. Try this:
Week 1 – twice this week alternate between walk and run for 15 minutes
Week 2 – same thing but bump it up to 20 minutes
Week 3 – again…this time for 30 minutes
Week 4 – drop it back down to 15 minutes but no walking this time
Week 5 – add in a 3rd day – 15 minutes straight running
Week 6 – keep with the 3 days 20 minutes – no walking this time
Week 7 – 3 days, 30 minutes run – walk a tiny little bit every 10 minutes but only if in you need it
Week 8 – 3 days, 35 minutes run
Week 9 – 3 days , 40 minutes straight run
Week 10 – your first 5K!!!!

If you have access to a track than I would suggest starting there. If you want to measure distance then once around a track is a quarter-mile. That can get a little boring if you do that every day so you may want to run around your neighborhood or in a park trail. This is also more realistic since your 5K is probably going to have your running on black top.

Happy Training!