Frequency over Duration

I have to admit it’s been difficult keeping up with a steady post schedule. My son has entered school age and between homework, his sports schedule and my own training and race schedule I am utterly exhausted after lunches are packed and we’re ready for the next day!!! And I know I’m not alone in the daily battle to keep up and there are plenty of parents doing the same as me with more than one child.

Where you will see the difference is between those moms and dads who keep up with daily life demands and still manage to get a workout or a run in on top of everything on a regular basis. It’s hard enough to make sure you’re eating right, avoiding the drive through but to spend hours at the gym? That’s a big commitment.

What’s the trick? The answer is it depends on you and what your goals are.

I know a mom with four kids who gets up really early to hit the gym and is home by the time the kids are up. I have a friend who runs after work and goes to a weekly cross fit class. There is another ‘soccer mom’ I know that gets her running in just on Saturday mornings. You have to find something that works for you and your schedule but doesn’t hurt your family time.

So the easiest way that works for me is I have a ‘Frequency over Duration’ mantra. I can’t always go for a long Sunday morning run but if I have 15 minutes I run or ride my bike for 15 minutes. If my son is at practice I can sneak in some interval training. I can do my abs for a few minutes before I get into bed if I didn’t get to the gym that day.

Don’t ever thing that a few extra minutes isn’t enough time because a few extra minutes every day can make a big difference at the end of the week. And what would those 15 minutes add up to at the end of the month? The end of next month?

Does anyone else do this? How to you maximize your exercise time?


Spice it up!

Spice it up! Your workout that is…

I’m referring to Cross-Training. Since it’s close to Valentine’s Day I thought that I would remind everyone that it’s not only our love lives that need a little spice this time of year. Some people may be intimidated by the thought of Cross-Training and possibly have visions of buff Triathletes but Cross-Training is really for everyone.

Cross-Training is simple. All you need to do is choose something different in your workout. It could be anything!

– If you’re mainly a runner, then try swimming a few laps for a workout instead (most High Schools offer open swim time for a nominal fee).
– If you’re a cyclist, try running.
– If you’re just starting out at the gym, make sure you alternate between the different cardio machines.

When you Cross-Train, you’re challenging your body in a different way than its used to and your body responds. This happens your body becomes efficient when it performs one task over and over again and you through it a curve ball by changing the task. Your body will work harder to adapt and learn the new task, burn more calories doing it, and you’ll fend off boredom.

So make the effort to try something new in your workout.

Happy Training!